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Privacy Notice

OFS Metrics is a division of EnergyPoint Research, Inc. ("EnergyPoint"). Both EnergyPoint and OFS Metrics conduct market research across a variety of energy-industry segments. When persons complete surveys from EnergyPoint or OFS Metrics, we use the collected information to help our clients better understand the needs of the market place.

EnergyPoint and OFS Metrics maintain two main websites as part of their business operations. These are: and

Privacy Notice

This privacy notice (the “Notice”) is designed to answer questions regarding EnergyPoint’s and OFS Metrics's use of the information survey respondents, subscribers and clients provide us. This Notice governs the information EnergyPoint and OFS Metrics collect from various sources, including:

  • EnergyPoint-branded surveys for market research studies that are 100% owned by EnergyPoint, which are conducted to understand customer preferences and attitudes across an industry or market;
  • OFS Metrics-branded market research studies that are commissioned by, and conducted in conjunction with, Clients (the “Client(s)”) and which the data collected are owned by Client(s).
  • Website and social media account followers, including users of and websites.

What personally identifiable information (PII) do EnergyPoint and OFS Metrics collect concerning survey respondents and clients?

  • Contact information provided to us by survey respondents and clients, as well as PII provided to us by our clients, such as names, titles and organizations, addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, or e-mail addresses.
  • Responses to questions that we ask as part of our market research activities.

Why do EnergyPoint and OFS Metrics Collect PII?

  • To conduct our own market research into customer preferences and attitudes around a variety of products and services;
  • To conduct market research on behalf of clients regarding customer preferences and experiences;
  • To confirm the credentials and qualifications of those completing our surveys;
  • To verify customer responses if needed to ensure the accuracy of our research;
  • To process transactions and respond to inquiries;
  • To maintain user accounts on our websites;
  • To provide information about services and products offered by EnergyPoint and OFS Metrics that we believe may be of interest.

How do EnergyPoint and OFS Metrics Share PII with Other Parties?

  • EnergyPoint does not share the names, employers or contact information of those persons or organizations who complete its EnergyPoint-branded surveys;
  • In connection with research that OFS Metrics conducts on behalf of Clients, we may share PII of survey respondents with the Client, subject to the advance consent of respondents. In these commissioned research studies, both the OFS Metrics brand and the brand of the Client will typically appear;
  • For our websites that serve our Clients, including any online delivery platforms, we may share PII with a person’s employer to ensure person(s) are authorized to use our products and services and to track usage as part of any contractual agreements;
  • Potentially in conjunction with a sale or similar transfer of a subscriber’s business;
  • When legally compelled or for other legal purposes.

In connection with our business purposes, PII may be processed for market research purposes by EnergyPoint or OFS Metrics from countries outside the country of collection but will be protected to a comparable standard. In accordance with applicable data-protection laws, persons are entitled to request information, access, rectify or erase the personal data relating to them. Persons can exercise this right by sending an e-mail to

Limited Use of PII for Marketing and Other Purposes

If completing an EnergyPoint or OFS Metrics survey or engaging in any other market research that either EnergyPoint or OFS Metrics conducts, EnergyPoint will only use a person’s PII as stated in this Notice, and will not share, rent or sell PII for marketing purposes. Persons and organizations will not be asked to purchase or sell any products or services based on their or their employees’ particiaption in, or answers to, EnergyPoint's or OFS Metrics's market research surveys or other research activities.

If you would like to limit use of your PII or if you wish to opt-out of receipt of EnergyPoint’s independent surveys, marketing or other communications from EnergyPoint or OFS Metrics, please write to us at or:
Privacy Matters
EnergyPoint Research, Inc.
PO Box 132049
Houston, Tx 77219


EnergyPoint and OFS Metrics have established safeguards and uses reasonable security measures to protect PII from unauthorized access and use.

EnergyPoint and OFS Metrics serve a global customer base. Accordingly, collected PII may be stored in secure locations both within and outside the United States. Access to this data is limited to authorized persons.

Internet Protocol (IP) Logs

When persons visit our websites, the website server automatically logs and records their IP address. We use this log data to monitor the use of our websites and services. We do not associate IP addresses with any PII to identify persons individually, except in cases of violation of our website Terms of Use.

Cookie Usage

Please note that by using our websites, parties consent to the use of the cookies described below.

EnergyPoint, OFS Metrics or our third-party service providers may use cookies (or other anonymous tracking technologies that do not collect personally-identifiable information) when persons visit our websites. A "cookie" is a small text file placed on computers or devices, which helps our websites function better. We may use the following types of cookies:

"Strictly necessary" cookies, which have to be set to allow us to deliver the website and to provide specific services. The services offered by our websites that may require cookies to function include but are not limited to account log-in and comments/blog features.

"Performance" or "Analytics" cookies, which help us collect information about how visitors use our websites and help us with website analysis and improvements. Performance or analytics cookies will remain on computers after closing a browser, but they cannot be used to identify parties personally.

"Functionality" cookies, which allow our websites to remember visitors’ choices or preferences, such as information on online forms. These cookies allow us to offer visitors a personalized experience while using our websites. They are not used to track browsing activity on other websites.

Persons can change their Web browser's Internet preferences to disable or delete cookies, although doing so may affect certain functions on our websites. To learn how to manage cookies, please follow the instructions for each specific browser. If visiting our websites using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, please refer to the manufacturer's instructions on how to manage cookies.

Questions & Comments

To contact us with questions or concerns, please write to us at or:

Privacy Matters
EnergyPoint Research, Inc.
P.O. Box 132049
Houston, Texas 77219

This notice is effective as of June 2018. Future revisions to this Privacy and Cookie Notice will be posted at this location.

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