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Frequently Asked Questions

Can customer satisfaction be effectively measured in the oil and gas industry?

Yes. Using OFS Metrics' proven processes, our market research studies can show any industry supplier how its customer satisfaction ratings stack up to those of other industry leaders.

Does customer satisfaction really matter in the oil and gas and energy industries?

Yes. Customers spend more than a half a trillion dollars annually on the products and services they purchase from suppliers. As a result, they are therefore willing to search for and stick with the highest quality, service and performance they can find.

Why should an industry supplier care about customer satisfaction?

Higher levels of customer satisfaction lead to stronger brands, more loyal customers, greater growth opportunities, healthier profits and, for publicly traded companies, enhanced stock-price outperformance. Employees of customer-oriented organizations also take greater pride in their work and in their association with their employer.

Is OFS Metrics “just another consulting company” that conducts surveys to sell expensive implementation services?

No. We are market researchers -- not "consultants". Our mission is to provide industry suppliers with the data, analysis and recommendations they need to execute on their own... without expensive consulting or implementation services from us.

How do EnergyPoint and OFS Metrics differ?

EnergyPoint Research conducts annual independent customer satisfaction surveys and publishes publically available ratings and rankings covering the industry’s largest and most-utilized suppliers. OFS Metrics conducts similar commissioned market research studies for suppliers not rated in EnergyPoint’s annual surveys.

Can industry suppliers pay to be rated in EnergyPoint’s annual surveys?

No. EnergyPoint independently determines which suppliers are eligible for inclusion in its annual independent surveys. Inclusion is generally based on a suppliers’ product and/or service focus and market share, although additional factors can come into play.


Is a supplier that commissions a market research study through OFS Metrics guaranteed to be included in EnergyPoint’s annual survey in the future?

No. However, if through the OFS Metrics process a supplier is determined to be a qualified for evaluation in EnergyPoint’s annual surveys, the supplier will be added.


Will customer satisfaction ratings data gathered through an OFS Metrics survey count toward EnergyPoint annual survey ratings?

No. EnergyPoint’s annual survey results are derived from a separate independent survey process.

Can OFS Metrics customer satisfaction results be promoted as “official” EnergyPoint results? No.

Data collected via an OFS Metrics study may not be promoted as either “official” or “unofficial” EnergyPoint results. Suppliers may, however, disclose OFS Metrics survey findings to third parties as long as the disclosure does not include reference EnergyPoint's name or proprietary data or analysis.

Can OFS Metrics surveys allow for comparisons with suppliers rated in EnergyPoint annual surveys?

Yes. OFS Metrics’ reports typically include higher-level percentile-ranking comparisons derived from EnergyPoint’s database of ratings from its annual surveys.


Companies interested in subscribing to data from EnergyPoint’s annual surveys may do so at any time.

Does OFS Metrics provide details of the data collected via an OFS Metrics survey?


Yes. When a commissioned study is completed, depending on the project option selected, OFS Metrics will provide a detailed file containing all survey responses, along with a customized written report, that details, among other things, all the questions asked and responses received.

Why should suppliers to the oil and gas and broader energy industry make the investment to monitor customer satisfaction?

Understanding customers views is an essential part of growing and improving any business. It’s always better to find out today why customers are dissatisfied than to find out tomorrow they’ve moved their business elsewhere.


Looking to improve your performance with customers? We can help.


OFS Metrics is a division of EnergyPoint Research, publisher of the oil and gas industry's most closely watched customer satisfaction ratings and rankings.


We provide industry suppliers of all types with the data, analysis and insights they need regarding their customer satisfaction.


We deliver actionable data, comparing resultings to industry-wide information from our database of supplier ratings.


As a result, you make better decisions to grow your business.

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