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Who We Are

OFS Metrics provides suppliers to the oil and gas industry unsurpassed customer satisfaction information and insights, including benchmarking against other companies serving the industry.  We only work in the oil and gas sector and have more than a decade of experience in measuring customer satisfaction.


We are a division of EnergyPoint Research. Founded in 2003, EnergyPoint conducts annual independent customer satisfaction surveys in a range of industry segments. The firm publishes detailed ratings and analytical reports from its surveys.


OFS Metrics offers companies not rated in EnergyPoint's annual surveys an experienced resource for gauging the satisfaction of customers. With full access to EnergyPoint's database of 1,000,000+ data points detailing the customer satisfaction ratings of many of the industry's most recognized suppliers, OFS Metrics' market research studies offer comparative insights that are unmatched in the industry.




Looking to improve your performance with customers? Our market research studies can help.


OFS Metrics is a division of EnergyPoint Research, publisher of the oilfield's most closely watched customer satisfaction surveys.


We provide oilfield suppliers with data, analysis and insights regarding the satisfaction of their customers.


We deliver actionable information and compare it to industry-wide information from our large database of survey results.


Our market research helps you make better decisions to grow your business.

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