Customer Satisfaction Insights + Market Intelligence
Customer Satisfaction Insights + Market Intelligence

Supplier Benchmarking Surveys

Our Supplier Benchmarking Surveys are customized satisfaction studies developed specifically for your business:


  • Understand customers' satisfaction with your company and its products or services; and
  • Benchmark the satisfaction of your customers to that of your competitors.

With more than a decade of experience guaging customer satisfaction in the oil and gas industry, we deliver insights that surpass other survey approaches. Your customized study is based on established, structured processes that are unobtrusive, quick to administer, and easy on you and your customers.


OFS Metrics' five-step process includes:


  1. Design - We work closely with you and your team to design a customized survey based on your business, budget and objectives.
  2. Execute - We engage your customers, collect all survey data, and record the findings precisely, professionally and confidentially.
  3. Compare - We analyze your survey data and compare it to other oil and gas industry suppliers using our 1,000,000+ satisfaction data points.
  4. Report - We deliver an actionable and easy-to-understand report containing important insights, analyses and recommendations for your business.
  5. Review - We present the study's findings, including customers' satisfaction and willingness to recommend your company along with comparisons to your competitors and others serving the industry.

OFS Metrics has the in-depth knowledge and expertise to ensure a smooth process and a quality end product. We work closely with you and your team to develop a survey that delivers important insights and provides benchmarks against competitors to help propel your company forward.



Looking to improve your performance with customers? Our market research studies can help.


OFS Metrics is a division of EnergyPoint Research, publisher of the oilfield's most closely watched customer satisfaction surveys.


We provide oilfield suppliers with data, analysis and insights regarding the satisfaction of their customers.


We deliver actionable information and compare it to industry-wide information from our large database of survey results.


Our market research helps you make better decisions to grow your business.

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