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OFS Metrics Launches Oilfield Supplier Customer Benchmarking Program

HOUSTON (Oct. 29, 2015) – OFS Metrics, a division of Houston-based EnergyPoint Research, has introduced a program for suppliers to the oil and gas industry to gauge the satisfaction of their customers and measure it against competitors.

OFS Metrics Supplier Benchmarking Survey is a customized program designed to provide oilfield suppliers with insights and comparative information by measuring and analyzing their customer satisfaction levels.  The process delivers a unique blend of data and analysis that includes benchmarked results versus a client’s direct competitors and industry peers.

“Oilfield suppliers not included in EnergyPoint’s published surveys have expressed an interest in benefitting from our expertise,” said Doug Sheridan, founder. “In response, we’ve created OFS Metrics to help these companies understand how they stack up.  It’s great to discover what customers think about your company, and it’s even better if you can learn how those perceptions compare to competitors and other industry leaders.  It’s a service that only OFS Metrics is able to provide.”

As a division of EnergyPoint Research, publisher of the oil and gas industry’s most closely watched independent customer satisfaction surveys, OFS Metrics’ benchmarking capabilities build off of more than 11 years of surveying and data gathering experience.  OFS Metrics works only with companies not rated in EnergyPoint Research’s independent surveys.

The Supplier Benchmarking Survey uses a five-step process that is easy to execute and unobtrusive to clients and their customers.  The program delivers actionable results that convey a clear understanding of how a company can better meet customer expectations, identify new opportunities for growth, build valuable customer loyalty and address weaknesses that may be uncovered.

“OFS Metrics surveys are customized to meet each client’s individualized needs and objectives to reveal what their customers think they are doing right and where improvements can be made,” said Sheridan. “The key is that we collect feedback directly from our clients’ customers and then compare it to evaluations of their competitors and industry peers using EnergyPoint’s comprehensive database. The information helps clients develop strategies for growth and make decisions that provide a lasting competitive edge.”
            For more information or to download a program brochure visit, or contact OFS Metrics at or +1.713.529.9450.


About OFS Metrics

OFS Metrics provides oilfield suppliers with customized customer satisfaction measurement services, information and insights, including benchmarking against competitors and industry peers. A division of EnergyPoint Research, we offer companies not rated in EnergyPoint's published surveys a cost-effective way to benefit from our extensive expertise in the area of customer satisfaction. For more information about our services, visit or contact us at or +1.713.529.9450.




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OFS Metrics is a division of EnergyPoint Research, publisher of the oil and gas industry's most closely watched customer satisfaction ratings and rankings.


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